How to comfort someone who is sad

How to comfort someone who is sad

There are people who go through sadness as a momentary and/or passing state that is part of life. However, there are others who have greater difficulties in accepting the sadness they experience, since their emotional state impacts their work, social and family relationships in daily life. And it is that this emotion is experienced as a desolation caused by disappointments and impacts both the body and the thoughts.

When we encounter these people, we need effective tools to help them. Do you want to know more about this? In this Psychology-Online article, we will provide you with information about how to comfort someone who is sad .You may also be interested in: 

Respect the person

The first thing we must understand is that consolation does not consist in preventing the person from experiencing sadness for some reason, but rather in providing a place where they feel accompanied . In other words, when a person is sad, the elimination of sadness should not be sought, on the contrary: they must be allowed to go through the emotion with respect and listening.

How to comfort someone who is sad - Respect the person

Mention that therapy addresses sadness

Sometimes we don’t have enough tools to help someone who is sad. In some cases, the situation may exceed our own limits of maneuver or have a level of severity that we cannot address.

However, psychological therapy works on the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that affect people’s symptoms. In the case of people who carry sadness, therapy allows them to overcome it through different strategies that aim at emotional stability .

Appeal to art

If you want to know how to comfort someone who is sad, you should know that art is a vehicle for channeling feelings. Artists show their emotions through artistic productions that take on different forms.

For this reason, in moments of sadness, one way to comfort the person is to mention that any form of artistic expression can favor the reduction of the feelings involved. When you can express what causes sadness, there is immediate relief . That ‘s what art therapy is all about .

Show empathy

Empathy can be defined as the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes. For example, in the case of a sad person, empathy can be carried out when they are told that there is someone who understands them. In general, there is a great peace of mind when you know that there are other people who understand the feeling that the person is going through.

How to comfort someone who is sad - show empathy

Not hold accountable

One of the most common mistakes that can be made is to make the person responsible for what they are experiencing. Sadness is not an emotion that develops voluntarily, but rather arises from some unpleasant situation that has been experienced. For this reason, holding a person responsible for something that happened to them reinforces the feeling of guilt that negatively affects their daily life. If we avoid this aspect, we will make the person feel comforted and contained.


In relation to the previous points, it is possible to mention that the simple fact that the person feels contained and listened to favors consolation. When you don’t know what to say in the face of a painful situation, it is preferable to be silent rather than say words or phrases that do not add anything valuable to the moment.

Give you a space to talk

When sadness is put into words, anguish subsides. Therefore, if you wonder how to comfort someone who is sad, you should know that if you talk to that person about what is causing them discomfort, relief arises. Here it is important to mention that the fact of giving him a space to talk can give him a comfort, since he will know who to turn to in these moments.

How to comfort someone who is sad - Give them a space to talk

Reinforce positive aspects of the person

Sadness directly affects the person’s perception and self-esteem. In these situations, unpleasant sensations usually appear regarding personal evaluation. For this reason, it is convenient to highlight the positive qualities of the person to face the difficult moments of life. This enables a greater confidence of the person both in their own strengths and in others.

Be present if the person requires it

This is one of the most important points to be kept in mind. As we have said before, consolation can be achieved through the presence and accompaniment of those who are suffering. Sometimes, with the simple fact of letting him know that the person is available for what is needed, an appeasement of sadness is achieved. However, here we must consider that no situation should be forced for which the person is not ready.

Suggest meditation

As a last piece of advice on how to comfort someone who is sad, talk about meditation, a practice that focuses on aspects of the present without giving greater importance to the past and the future. Furthermore, this approach seeks relaxation of both the body and the mind. This can encourage a cessation of thoughts related to sadness .

This article is merely informative, We do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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