Cruise Dining Tips: Secrets to know

The more you cruise the more you find out about the hidden cruise secrets. These cruise dining tips will make or break your vacation, so it’s important that you pay attention to the small details. Just the thought of cruising with family, friends or a loved one can really be exciting. Aside from seeing the breath taking view on deck, great entertainment and shopping, what else can you do? Eat!

Cruise Dining Tips

While these cruise ships prepared a line of fancy restaurants with French menus and top of the line alcoholic concoctions you might want to take advantage of their restaurant packages. Save cash by checking out their free dining areas like outdoor grill, main dining room or other buffet venue.

Cruise Dining Tips Buffet Table

On Drinking

The serious drinkers who cannot avoid drinking on board should keep in mind that ships charge restaurant prices adding on 15 – 18 percent service fee or gratuity, and not just on alcoholic beverages; it’s the same for a bottle of water, coffee or soda. Try ordering a bucket of beer or ask about their drink packages to help you save. However, the package may cost a little higher because it is meant for a group which occasional drinkers wouldn’t benefit from. If you are a non drinker and you prefer juice, bottled water, tea or soda they’ll allow you to bring as many but within a reason scale so you don’t have to take a deep breath whenever you reach for your wallet and pay for a thirst quencher. Aside from the BYO or bring your own beverage technique, you can also save the wine that you weren’t able to finish by simply asking the waiter to cork it and save it for dinner time.

Cruise Dining Tips Drink!

If you’ll notice, your dining and bar bills on cruise will include a certain amount pertaining to service fee or gratuity, this would usually be less than 20%. A portion of that goes to the staff that served you so you don’t have to feel pressured to give a tip because that’s already covered. Although if you feel that your food or bar server has exerted extra effort to provide you with outstanding service then that’s worth double tipping. Some of the areas that charge auto gratuity include bars, fitness and spas. Notice the blank line on your bill? Before you sign and add digits on the space of your bill, do a quick math so you won’t end up giving away a double tip where it’s not necessary.

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